Library Instruction West 2020
Seattle, Washington
July 22-24

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Wednesday, July 22

12:00pm AST

1:00pm AST

Thursday, July 23

9:00am AST

11:00am AST

Dimensions of Academic Library Leadership: Balancing Instruction & Management HUB 307 (Seats 30)Sara Arnold-Garza • Claire Holmes (she/her) Metacognitive Information Literacy Assessment: Putting Students at the Center HUB 334 (Seats 60)Sara Robertson • Kim Olson-Charles • Michele Burke Teaching Work, Learning Justice: Critical Pedagogy with Student Employees HUB 337 (Seats 24)Megan Watson • Robin Ford Unequal footing: Advocating for teaching librarians & creating a more equitable practice of librarianship HUB 332 (Seats 120)Eamon Tewell • Christine Moeller • Shanti Freundlich • Veronica Arellano Douglas • Joanna Gadsby Using OERs to teach information literacy through a social justice lens MGH 238 (Seats 35)Chemera Ivory • angela pashia Beyond the minute paper: using learner self-reflection to ensure equity in instruction HUB 340 (Seats 25)Dominique Turnbow • Annie Zeidman-Karpinski Critical information literacy is for everyone: developing a community-based information literacy course HUB 340 (Seats 25)Susie Wilson • Annelise Dowd Empowering novice learner engagement in the scholarly conversation: San Jose State University’s Library Research Scholars Program HUB 340 (Seats 25)Ngoc-Yen Tran Alexa’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream: Implementing artificial intelligence and virtual assistants in library instruction MGH 234 (Seats 35)Amanda Wheatley • Sandy Hervieux Usable Instructional Materials are Inclusive Instructional Materials: Using Gestalt Principles and Plain Language to Create Effective Teaching Tools MGH 295 (Seats 35)Jenny Turner • Jessica Schomberg

1:30pm AST

Relentless Pursuit of Truth: Empowering Student Facilitators to Interrogate Information MGH 234 (Seats 35)Andrea McMillan • Grace Haynes • Emilia Marcyk Promoting Justice in the Credit Classroom through Open Pedagogy MGH 238 (Seats 35)Cristina Colquhoun • Holly Reiter • Kathy Essmiller Using anti-racist instruction to provide services to users affected by incarceration HUB 332 (Seats 120)Jeanie Austin • Dr. Maria Otero-Boisvert • Jill Barr-Walker Bringing the Library Art Gallery into the Classroom HUB 337 (Seats 24)Mary Wegmann • Loretta Esparza • Catherine Fonseca Empowering Applied Learners and Shaping the Message and Method: Information Literacy Development at a Polytechnic in Canada HUB 340 (Seats 25)Kevin Tanner • Jessica Leslie • Morgan Hordal Know, Do, Become: Using working professionals to promote information literacy skills in a library microcourse HUB 340 (Seats 25)Rebeca Peacock • Heather Grevatt Library Instruction beyond the Library: Information Literacy as Transferable Skills HUB 340 (Seats 25)Alexis Wolstein Nurturing Familia: Affirming Teaching Librarians of Color HUB 334 (Seats 60)Torie Quinonez • Lalitha Nataraj Outreach as Teaching and Learning Opportunities HUB 334 (Seats 60)Jenay Solomon Piloting an Embedded Librarian Program: Learning about Indigenous Art Practice in the Classroom HUB 337 (Seats 24)Sara Quimby • Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor Utilizing the “Moccasin Telegraph” to Recruit Native American and Alaska Native Scholars Toward Library and Information Science Degrees HUB 334 (Seats 60)L.Marie Avila Information Justice and Information Privilege in the Academy: Workshopping Information Has Value MGH 295 (Seats 35)Kathleen Collins • Amanda Hornby What is Library Instruction For? Designing information literacy for our real lives HUB 307 (Seats 30)Megan Stark • Chloe Behan • Xavier Kneedler-Shorten

3:15pm AST

#researchspeeddate: Think/Pair/Share for Online & Hybrid Courses HUB 332 (Seats 120)Chelsea Nesvig Centering Student Voices: How a Student Advisory Board Can Impact Your Teaching HUB 332 (Seats 120)Tish Hayes • Daniel T Matthews Just in Time Teaching Resources to Support Inclusive Classrooms HUB 332 (Seats 120)Melissa Browne • Alesia McManus Radical Conversations: How an Instruction Librarian Created Intentional Co-Curricular Spaces of Learning Through Event Programming HUB 332 (Seats 120)Ann Matsushima Chiu The Library Is not the Center of the Universe: Helping Underrepresented Students in Their Own Spaces HUB 332 (Seats 120)Jeremiah Paschke-Wood (Dis) Empowerment and Digital Creation: Teaching Digital Tools MGH 238 (Seats 35)Verletta Kern • Beth Lytle Collaboration and Conflict in Wikipedia: Empowering students and advancing justice in the world’s largest encyclopedia MGH 234 (Seats 35)Alexander Watkins • Caroline Sinkinson • Rebecca Kuglitsch • Juliann Couture Research Consultations as Intentional Care to First Year Students HUB 337 (Seats 24)Symphony Bruce Value: a counterstory HUB 334 (Seats 60)Veronica Arellano Douglas • Carolina Hernandez • Emily Deal Canvas Collab: Teaming Up to Create Customizable Information Literacy Modules HUB 332 (Seats 120)Kaela Casey • Linda Kennedy • Janet Pinkley • Laura Worden Yes, please: How zines about consent can address power in the classroom HUB 307 (Seats 30)Kristina Williams • Kae Bara Kratcha “Stay maladjusted!”: Complaint, Refusal, and other Strategies for Addressing Damaging Dynamics in Academic Library Instruction Programs HUB 340 (Seats 25)Jessica Critten Building reciprocal relationships with teaching faculty to create an empowering classroom HUB 340 (Seats 25)Joanna Gadsby • Kate Drabinski Dismantling Deficit Thinking to Foster Inclusion, Equity, and Justice in the Library Classroom MGH 295 (Seats 35)Rosan Mitola • Chelsea Heinbach • Francesca Marineo Zine-Making for Critical Pedagogy, Reflection, and Information Literacy HUB 307 (Seats 30)Des Alaniz • Paige Sundstrom
Friday, July 24

9:30am AST

Frames of Reference: Examining “Scholarly” Concepts and Encouraging Alt Sources to Faculty MGH 238 (Seats 35)Allison Rand Narratives about Latinx Immigrants: A Critical Information Literacy Session HUB 337 (Seats 24)Pamela Mann Remodeling Course-Related Instruction: An Information Literacy Pathway in the Natural Sciences MGH 234 (Seats 35)Dani Brecher Cook • Michael Yonezawa Avoiding Burnout and Renewing Your Teaching Self with Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, and Gratitude HUB 332 (Seats 120)Meredith Farkas Capitalist Alienation, Immigration, and Ethically-motivated Information Literacy Instruction: A marxist approach HUB 332 (Seats 120)Dom Taylor Con-structions of Reality: Combating the Alienating Effects of Misinformation & “Fake News” HUB 332 (Seats 120)Michael Carrigan Informing the Crisis of Fake News HUB 334 (Seats 60)Ryan P. Randall Instructional Iteration to Better Serve International Students HUB 340 (Seats 25)Jessica Martinez • Jylisa Doney Matched or Misleading: Evaluating the Narratives of Text & Images in News HUB 334 (Seats 60)Sara Davidson Squibb “Do some research”: Research assignments and composition Teaching Assistants HUB 340 (Seats 25)Alyssa Russo • Glenn Koelling Empowering Students to Learn Their Way: Making Library Instruction Accessible to All With Universal Design for Learning MGH 295 (Seats 35)Samantha Peter • Kristina Clement Harm Reduction & Threat Modeling for Library Instruction MGH 228 (Seats 35)Kelly McElroy • Claire Lobdell

11:00am AST

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